Jazzy songs with Latin and Mediterranean colors

Soary quartet, it's the meeting of singer Antonela Lucía and guitarist Cyril Salvagnac. She writes the lyrics, he composes the music. Together, they created a jazzy universe, songs with Latin colors that draw their energy from rhythms of Africa. With the support of Fabrice Camboulive on double bass or electric bass and Laurent Meyer on percussion, they stretch an imaginary musical bridge between the shores of the Mediterranean and Brazil.
Antonela, originally from Argentina, reveals her texts in Spanish, in Italian. She sings about what touches her, the relationship we have to the Earth in its space and time dimensions, the Earth that hosts us and that we respect, but also the everyday challenges that we face when we are away from our country and family. Her poetic texts are one with her expressive, percussive voice.

She also sings in French when inviting the music of authors like Claude Nougaro or Georges Brassens, revisited for the occasion. Her improvisations respond to that of the guitar with chiselled rhythms and shimmering melodies. In his compositions, Cyril expresses his Latin influences, between jazz and world music. The musical writing is precise and melodic, adorned with spaces of freedom. It is supported by posed bass lines and the twirling rhythms of the Tipijâze, this original percussion with such a particular sound. All this brings the listener into a sunny, lively and wandering bubble, that of the Soary Quartet...
Antonela Lucía: voice, lyrics
Cyril Salvagnac: guitar, compositions
Fabrice Camboulive: electric bass, double bass

Some images of our visit to FUNK YOU STUDIO
Live recording at the FUSION restaurant 
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